In a nightclub environment a continued positive customer experience is essential to the success of your business. Unfortunately and also unavoidably malodours can lead to dissatisfied customers.

Brandaroma solves this significant problem with Odourfoyl®, a highly effective, scientific means of dealing with a very wide range of malodour problems. This fragrance design system renders bad smells completely undetectable – helping to create a fresher environment and a pleasant ambience.

Odourfoyl® makes positive scents

Incorporating Odourfoyl® scent technology into your customer environment makes malodours associated with toilets, perspiration, stale food and drink, mustiness and other common unpleasant odours a thing of the past. With our help and expertise your brand will become synonymous with an exceptional customer experience.

During controlled tests within gyms, Peppermint was found to improve athletic performance. Athletes undertook various physical tasks either with or without an odorized peppermint adhesive strip under the athlete’s nose. Results showed that the peppermint odour condition resulted in increases in the running speed, the hand grip strength and number of push-ups.



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