Brandaroma’s ‘out of sight’ Ambient Diffusion System diffuses high quality liquid fragrance to a dry vapour before its integration into the existing air-conditioning or ventilation system.

Our refined atomising technology achieves the finest mist whilst preserving the fragrance’s full integrity.
The delivery of ‘dry vapour’ eliminates skin contact and assures no skin sensitivity.

How do we do this?
Our system vaporizes and pumps fragrance into the existing air-conditioning system where the fragrance 
molecules are combined with and completely suspended in the air molecules.

The combining of the fragrance molecules in the supply air duct ensures no precipitation and no residue in the duct work.

The integration of our system in the supply air duct involves minimal intrusion.
 Our Ambient Diffusion System results in an even distribution at equal strength throughout an indoor area. Fragrance 
intensity is fully adjustable, allowing for subtle applications and accommodating different environmental conditions and different sized areas.