Scent SOLO™

Brandaroma’s fragrance diffusion system, Scent SOLO™, can efficiently distribute fragrance throughout any indoor area. The refined atomising technology in each refill achieves the finest dry vapour whilst preserving the fragrance’s full integrity, before being delivered from the unit into the desired space by the internal fan.

There are two different options of fragrance outputs, horizontal or vertical allowing floor, wall or ceiling mounting for the best possible experience.


The Scent SOLO™ is a small compact device, available in black and white and is equipped with a 7 day/24hour timer that can select different fragrance diffusion periods as well as a 15 pre-set daily combination timer.
For optimum fragrance delivery you can choose from over 60 fragrance delivery combinations using our easy to use controller.

The Scent SOLO™ is easy to install and requires no maintenance other than simply replacing the 100% recyclable refill fragrance container making the Scent SOLO™ CLEAN, GREEN & EASY to use.

The Scent SOLO™ is perfect for the retail environment for scenting a store, point of sales purchases, product launches or special events.