Scents From The Fragrant Harbour

Brandaroma, a leading British-based specialist in scent marketing, has helped many companies in Hong Kong design unique fragrances for their environments

Stepping out from the lift on the 10th floor of a commercial building in East Kowloon, wafts of fresh flowers and gentle musky fragrances lead you to Brandaroma’s Hong Kong design centre. By creating unique fragrances for global retail brands, Brandaroma helps luxury five-star hotels, casinos, banks and high-street retailers differentiate their brands by delivering a unique experience for their customers and guests by triggering emotional responses when they step into their premises.

Since their establishment in Hong Kong in 2006, Brandaroma has not only expanded in terms of staff size, but also office space and product ranges. “Business has been fantastic as we’ve focussed on creating unique fragrances for our clients’ brands. Additionally, many hotel guests want to experience the same fragrance at home and that’s why we’ve developed beautiful retail perfumed candles and reed diffusers for them to bring home,” explained Tim Fawcett, Managing Director for Brandaroma Asia.

“Hong Kong is a phenomenal base to start a business and then expand into overseas markets. The workforce is multilingual, highly-skilled, motivated and flexible,” he said. The company constantly looks for talent who are able to articulate the feelings of fragrance to their clients with the right vocabulary.

“Fragrances add pleasure to people’s life and are an important part of it. Hong Kong is an exuberant, energetic and exciting place to work and our fragrances are carefully enhancing workplaces and retail space here.” he added.

Emotional Branding

Tim Fawcett deals with many CEOs and senior management teams directly to explain how scent marketing can amplify brand equity, echo brand propositions and change perceptions. He cited the example of using fragrance in casinos, which significantly

reduces the perception of cigarette smell and creates a better ambience in the venues. “The sense of smell instinctually affects emotion and evokes memorable experiences, beyond sight and sound. Scent marketing is a subtle but sophisticated way to bond with your customers and increase sales revenue,” he explained.

With over 1,000 customised fragrances already in their library, it takes less than a week for Brandaroma to design a fragrance and install the ambient diffusion systems for a client. There are also seasonal fragrances to reinforce emotion branding and create a festive mood to enhance the customer experience.

A veteran in the fragrance industry, Tim has worked in many other countries but he finds Hong Kong an incredible place to live in. “It’s a great place to raise a family. Schooling is great — my children can write and speak Mandarin. The city is safe and

life is fabulous with many outdoor activities. The city’s cultural diversity is reflected in the incredible food, architecture and people that we meet, work with and socialise. We’re very lucky to be here and we work hard at Brandaroma for all our clients to make sure that it stays that way.”

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