Creating unique and appealing fragrances that are not overbearing is truly an art ~ and this is exactly what Brandaroma has achieved with their signature scents.

Since 2008 our distinguished guests have been surrounded by the subtle, yet memorable,  Leaf scent upon entering the splendour of our lobby.   It truly has helped define the arrival experience as well as becoming that special moment you await every time you enter the lobby throughout your stay ~ it is the feeling of familiarity, luxury and uniqueness.

For our guests, the scent has become a long time favourite to the extent we at times struggle maintaining sufficient supplies on hand to accommodate all requests for that special gift to take back home.

Our partnership with Brandaroma is a match made in heaven!

Morten Skumsrud

After traveling 7 Countries in 7 Days, the Leaf scent, from Brandaroma was without a doubt the highlight.

Brandaroma’s scent is proof that the sense of smell is the most powerful and thank goodness it can’t be turned off!  Imagine traveling for 24hours without rest but as soon as I entered the hotel in London, immediately I wanted to stay there permanently.   This one scent gave me an instant feeling of comfort and love.

I knew we were staying in the right hotel just from the scent alone. And I was right.  I actually refused to leave the concierge desk until I knew its origin!  The Leaf scent is the most inviting aroma that I have ever had the pleasure of smelling.  Thank you Brandaroma for designing the perfect scent and now my life will never be the same, and neither will my home! A million Thank yous from – 777 Tour Rihanna Plane.  Brandaroma you are my new obsession.

Nicole Spence

 The Langham, London signature scent, created in partnership with Brandaroma, is used throughout our international hotel chain. It aims to enchant each visitor, enhancing the arrival experience through the use of our signature scent, ginger-lily.

For guests who stay in multiple properties and for those enjoying a return stay, the scent aids to trigger a memory or positive emotional response, similar to that of returning home.

Paul Walters

Brandaroma created our beautiful InterContinental London Park Lane scent, which is unique to this hotel and used within the hotel lobby and our public spaces.

They perfectly captured the elegant and timeless design of the hotel in the fragrance.

Claire Bell


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