Public transport services are an effective means of getting to explore new cities or just get to work. However, with so many people using them daily, they may not always prove to be the most pleasurable of experiences! Providing a distinctive welcoming fragrance at the station entrances, along the platforms and then introducing a lighter, more subtle, fragrance inside the train or subway carriages can work wonders for the traveller – whether the inquisitive tourist, busy mom or office worker.

The London Underground and The Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway are both believers in the power of fragrance – Hong Kong’s not called “The Fragrant Harbor” without good reason. Brandaroma’s helping that amazing city stay really fresh!

Airport lounges and waiting areas can also be great places to gently introduce fragrance. Stress levels from delayed flights, tired children and jet-lag can all be reduced through the proper introduction of carefully designed fragrances. Business lounges can be differentiated by sophisticated fragrances that match the beautiful designs that so many airlines are now investing for the benefit of their clients.



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